The 2018 CanAm Summer Slam

A traditional beard and moustache competition sanctioned by the Maine Facial Hair Club, which is an officially sanctioned club of the World Beard and Moustache Association.

The CanAm Summer Slam competition will take place during the Great Falls Brewfest – a craft beer tasting at the Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston, Maine

There is no extra charge to enter the CanAm Summer Slam.

6 inch plus

When and Where: The CanAm Summer Slam is at the 5th annual Great Falls Brewfest on Saturday, June 23, 2018 at the Simard-Payne Memorial Park in Lewiston, Maine


Registration begins at 2pm.
Judging begins at 3:00pm.

All contestants must purchase a Great Falls Brewfest Ticket.
Check the Great Falls Brewfest website for entry times.

Official Rules of the CanAm

0.0 All contestants must purchase a Great Falls Brewfest Ticket. Read rules and register below. You can also register at the event.


0.5. The CanAm is a traditional facial hair competition, , sanctioned by the Maine Facial Hair Club. which is an officially sanctioned club of the World Beard and Moustache Association.

1.0 The CanAm is open to all, regardless of nationality, race, gender, religion, or club or team affiliation.

2.0 There are seven facial hair categories. Each competitor will specify their category upon registration.


a. Full Beard, Natural (6 inches or more)

b. Full Beard, Natural (6 inches or less)

c. Full Beard, Styled Mustache

d. Partial Beard, Natural

e. Freestyle

f. Full Mustache, Natural

g. Full Mustache, Freestyle

3.0 At registration, competitors who do not meet the qualifications for the category in which they have registered will be placed into the correct category.

4.0 On Judging:

There will be a total of 3 (three) judges.

Judging will be made on a scale of 0 to 5, on the following criteria:

Natural Categories

Density – How full the features of the facial hair are. Denser is considered better than sparse.

Size – Length is a consideration as long as it complements the overall look. A long ratty beard shouldn’t beat a well-kept shorter beard.

Healthiness – The facial hair form looks healthy and as it should.

Personal Fit – How well their facial hair suits their face.

Styled Categories

Complexity/Difficulty – The more involved and detailed the better.

Craftsmanship – Quality matters.

Creativity – What about their styling makes them stand out?

Personal Fit – How well their facial hair suits their face.

Groomed Category (partial beards)

Tidiness – How solid and clean all the edges of the facial hair are.

Presentation – How “nice” the gentlemen look with their facial hair.

Personal Fit – How well their facial hair suits their face.

4.5 Permissible aids in the “styled” categories include only moustache wax, hair spray, hair cream, styling foam, hair gel, and other hair cosmetics. The use of hair extensions, fake hair, hair pins, rubber bands, artificial hair, or any form of supporting elements is prohibited.

5.0 Each competitor will be assigned a number based on their category and the order of their registration. Competitors should arrive between 4pm and 5pm to ensure they are in registered in the correct category.

5.5 In turn, competitors will have their name called, walk onto the judging area, then move through the sequence of judges. Each judge will weigh consider all judging categories and give one score for each competitor. The total of the three judge’s scores will be the competitor’s Official Score.

6.0 The competitor with the highest Official Score will be the Champion of the category.

7.0 By Registering for the competition, all competitors give their permission to the organizers and to the organizers’ designees that the competitors may be photographed, videotaped, and tape recorded and further that the organizers and their designees may use the photographs, video tapes, and audio tapes of the competitor for any purpose including commercial purposes. Any competitor who does not agree to this provision must notify the organizers in writing before the start of the competition and may not be allowed to compete. A big reason to do this is so we can share the photos with our friends.

8.0 The organizers reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. Any rule modifications will be announced publicly before the competition begins.

9.0 Any competitor who does not appear when called to the stage will be disqualified from winning.

10.0 All decisions of the judges and organizers are final.

11.0 The judges will receive no information regarding judging except for the official judging criteria which are available to the public. Any judge who is personally acquainted with any of the competitors may not vote in the category in which such competitor competes.

12.0 Discourteous, abusive, or unprofessional behavior by a contestant may lead to disqualification at the organizers’ sole discretion.

13.0 The results of the judges’ voting will be announced directly after the judges’ totals are tabulated.

 Good luck.

Register Here (remember, you have to buy a ticket to the Great Falls Brewfest to compete!)